The relationship between a dog and its owner/handler is a powerful connection. With Colorado K9 Academy LLC you get a dedicated certified Dog Trainer to condition your pet for the behaviors you desire. My proven versatile balanced techniques and individually tailored methods have helped pet owners coast to coast train animals just like yours. Every dog and owner will have their own path and pace.  Contact me today to discuss your needs to see if we are a match.

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Your Trainer

Sometimes a Teacher: Always a Student

Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Over-The Top-Dog-Lover. Insightful.  Humorous. Versatile. Innovative. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe me. I know each animal is different and I never cease to learn from them and I’ll work with yours to give them the specific guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting a dog, have a new dog, or already have a dog with behavioral problems, I am here to help.

Taking the dog for a walk

Basic/Foundation Obedience

After decades of experience and exposure to many methods of training I've settled on what I firmly believe to be the most effective, expedient, balanced, fair and humane path to having a trained and safe canine companion. The path varies and starts with impulse control and focus. Hands down, this includes heavy doses of rewards in the form of verbal and physical accolades, toys and perhaps timely, but limited use of treats with commands and markers. You will hear " Love em up!" extensively in my classes. Therefore, when guidance is required or even some correction it takes very little to communicate that to your dog in contrast to the big shot of dopamine they get when responding properly. Anyone that knows us knows that positive reinforcement is the backbone to our training path but it does nothing or little in stopping a dog from doing something it desires (and we don’t desire) therefore some clear, consistent and fair correction is likely in order.
After much experience with my mentors and self exposure there is no doubt giving your dog the common sense advantage tools of knowing what is expected of them, guiding that direction and correcting when necessary provides the fastest path to good and safe behavior that will stand up under stress and distractions. This also creates or deepens the bond between owner and pet.

So often nowadays it’s all about avoiding any stress to a dog which usually results in more stress for the dog. They need to learn to handle stress in the proper way and proper pace. Trying to cocoon and protect them from any stress is not really good but a “ feel good” trend.
Every dog AND owner will have their own path and pace even in our group classes at Pet Supplies Plus in Golden.
No remote control collars are used for Foundation/Basic Obedience Training with the exception being working with deaf dogs..

Commands are adjusted according for those dogs intended for the show ring, working or sporting environments.


The Great Divide in Dog Training Methods

It’s the dogs that are the loser here and humans are fault. We embrace all methods of training but have no tolerance for the bashing of others choices and methods. Every method has limitations and every dog requires different guidance and these may change over time. Dogs learn 4 different ways and picking one only to utilize due to social or peer pressures is far from ideal. Degrading or bullying others for choosing what works for their dog is inexcusable. Please stand up and do what is required for your dog: if what you have tried in the past isn’t working them try a different approach.  About 30% of my clients come to me because other trainers have failed due to non-willingness to deploy what might work i.e. refusal to correct a dog. And they are also hesitant because they are afraid of social repercussions for using proven effective equipment or methods. For this reason we agree to keep their patronage private if requested. This is a shame to be deemed necessary but it is the sign of these narrow minded times driven by ego and making more revenue.

Bottom line it is your dog…, they deserve to be trained adequately for their peace and welfare. Is your responsibility as owners to train them to avoid undue stress for the entire household while minimizing the potential for legal ramifications or worst of all government dictated euthanasia.

Find a trainer that you feel is a match for you, be it us or someone else, but please train your dog!

Lazy Dog

Trail Skills /Behavior Mod

Give your pet a one-on-one or advanced group training sessions that caters to their specific needs. Increasingly, more and more of my clients have adopted dogs with known difficult pasts or unknown history presenting with distressing behavior. This can include jeopardizing the safety of the adopted pet, children, elderly or other pets. Worse yet, this can be cause for a failed adoption and consideration of re-homing a rescued dog. Please contact me before giving up or making an emotional or impulsive decision. Surprising to many distressed owners is seeing how just a few sessions into the Basic Foundation Obedience course often helps mitigate some behavior issues.

My Trail Socialization or Advanced Obedience classes focus on reactive behaviors to other dogs, bicycles, people, horses and advances obedience skills with increased distractions. The group sessions are a blast watching each others dogs personalities emerge!

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Rattlesnake Avoidance Class

Yikes! Rattlesnake! Where? Wouldn't you like to know it's close before you step on it? Or your dog gets bit? Or perhaps your child?

This Rattlesnake Avoidance Training can help prevent your beloved dog from suffering a frightening venomous  bite, a long, painful and very expensive recovery or unfortunately, even death. The good news is that in about 15 minutes that risk can be greatly reduced.

Snake avoidance Training Explained

Our Rattlesnake Avoidance Training focuses on sight, scent and sound recognition with a suitable level of aversive delivered in a timely fashion and duration. In the majority of cases, one delivery of stimulation is enough but with some dogs a second stimulation is necessary.

We typically have the dog approach with handler downwind of a rattlesnake that has been muzzled (mouth temporarily secured shut to not allow it to open and yes, this muzzling is exciting to perform ) and also rattle taped to muffle  sound therefore addressing sight and scent recognition inasmuch as not all rattlesnakes will rattle when approached.  As the dog approaches the rattlesnake it receives the aversive stimulation at an appropriate time and distance and then highly praised when it retreats from the rattlesnake. This is repeated and when the dog responds favorably (avoids snake) it is again praised vigorously.

We then have the dog & handler approach another snake with rattles not muffled so the dog recognizes  that distinct buzzing sound of a rattlesnake. Again, verbal reward for desired avoidance is delivered.

Lastly, we have the owner/handler call the dog (recall) with a snake between the two. This serves to demonstrate loyalty ( good recall to owner usually making a wide berth around the snake and scent cone)  and also allows us to see body language the dog displays when avoiding the snake as this can vary between dogs and we want the owner to recognize this behavior so post training they can take appropriate action later with an encounter  which may include having children freeze until an adult picks them up. We recommend extreme caution when a dog has signaled as there may be more than one snake present.

Q & A


Q - Why do you use Ecollars and real snakes instead of rubber snakes and just positive reinforcement   like some operations: I don’t have any real experience with Ecollars – just what I’ve heard.

A - Great question, especially in the trendy opinioned times we live in also full of misinformation: well, rubber snakes do not act, smell or sound like a real rattlesnake. This is a serious threat we are seeking to mitigate so this is no time to be trendy or succumb to so-called politically correct social pressure to never correct your dog.

And anyone that knows how we train knows positive reinforcement is the backbone to our individualistic approach combined with appropriate corrections ie, Balanced Training. All training methods and equipment have limitations and though it has fabulous benefits, positive reinforcement does nothing to stop a dog from doing something it decides to do (and you don’t want it to) this often being an overriding impulse with major fixation. We want to be very clear, firm, consistent and fair with the dog for best results so delivering aversive stimulation is by far the most effective method of snake avoidance training. Again, this is a serious threat we are attempting to mitigate and this is no time to not put our best foot forward. It is a few seconds of discomfort to potentially save a life or avoid a vet bill that can reach up to 8K. Properly used, Ecollars are fabulous tools and save many dogs lives every year not including venomous snake interactions. The misinformation about ruining bond and trust between dog and human is pure rubbish.


Q – Is that why even those strongly opposed to using Ecollars will still come to you for this type of training?

A – Yes. Even those would never consider reaping the benefits of an Ecollar otherwise have embraced the value and effectiveness of them with snake avoidance training.  We respect all methods of dog training and wish everyone would for this all too frequent behavior  of bashing anyone that does not agree with your methods or opinions has got to stop: to each their own.  At Colorado K9 Academy LLC we use whatever methods work for each individual dog and adjust accordingly. Understand, we don’t enjoy making a dog uncomfortable for a few seconds but we are passionate about the benefits. That’s why we take on the  exciting risk of putting a muzzle on rattlesnakes!


Q - How long does the training take?

A -Typically about 7-20 minutes for each dog.

Q- How often is the training necessary?

A - We recommend coming back a year later for a refresher although you could be advised to come back later the same season based on your dog’s behavior.

Q - Is there a guarantee this training will be effective?

A - Absolutely not. Hard to find anything with a dog that is 100%, particularly over a lifespan. For example dogs could be running full speed and perhaps jump off a large rock & land on a snake sensing it too late for avoidance, they may have diminished sensory due to strong wind direction, age or health and not see, smell or hear a snake. This training is to help minimize the potential.

Taking the dog for a walk

Home/Pet Sitting & Walking

Home/Pet Sitting & Walking. Custom services as desired: overnight presence; check in/walk-feed only; walks with or without training

My Passion

Helping You Help Your Pet With Caring, Proven, Balanced Methods.

Behavior Modification

Reactive - Trail Socialization

Foundation Obedience

Impulse Control 101

Rattlesnake Avoidance

Protecting Pet & Family

Two Dogs

“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs”

Victor Hugo

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Happy as a Clam

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misty Mellor

 4 weeks ago

Pat has such a common-sense approach to training dogs. My dog, Kate, responded to him immediately. He teaches owners to be firm and consistent. Pat begins by training in close proximity with lots of positive reinforcement then increases the distance and duration of commands. He slowly introduces distractions. He knows just when to increase the challenge/expectation for the dog and the owner. Best of all, he loves dogs!


3 weeks ago

Thank you for those kind words Misty. It was a pleasure working with you two. Kate is such a joy and a very smart, entertaining dog! You did the work that was suggested and you both reaped the benefits. Enjoy!



Ryan Riebau recommends Colorado K9 Academy LLC.

October 18 ·

I knew when my wife and I decided to welcome a dog into our home, we were welcoming a pit bull into our family. When we met Boejn, we immediately fell in love with our muscle-bound lap cuddler. We also immediately had our hands full with an 11-month old who’s sense of direction could best be described as an erratic toddler that lacked any understanding of bedside manner. We needed help and we needed it from someone who wasn’t afraid of working with our lovable Neanderthal.

Pat’s approach to helping us train Boejn began with helping us build a relationship with
Boejn. Pat provided us all with a safe space to first listen to each other, then he laid out the foundation for obedience and structure. He stressed consistency, positive rewards for good behavior, and clear, consistent, fair guidance and corrections when necessary. Pat encouraged us to build on our successes and never pushed for results. This journey would happen in its own time. We’ve been with Pat since June 2018, and all three of us have regressed some weeks, but Pat has consistently been available to answer all of our questions and shown us nothing but the kindest patience, far after our own had expired.

Dog training isn't about tricks. It's about developing a relationship of trust, respect, and love with your furry friend. The lessons didn't end when we completed the 6-week course. Although the improvement in our dog's behavior, and our own, was significant, we chose to continue regular meetings with Pat. We now take walks together throughout our neighborhood without the enthusiasm of a dog sled team, we confidently meet other people and dogs, and, what we’re most proud of, have learned to sit and stay for over five minutes, even when distracted. We didn’t realize how little we knew
when we signed up with Pat, but Pat has been nothing but patient, kind, and an absolute game-changer to our development with Boejn. For support, reliability, and results, my wife and I enthusiastically recommend Pat as our dog trainer for you and your extended family.


Von N Brian.jpg

Can't Express how happy we are with the time and devotion Patrick gave us and our fur baby, Rio. Rio went from wild and out of control, to tame and obedient in 3 months. Patruck gave us pointers and helped train us so we can train Rio. it was the best investment we made. Thank you Patrick, you are the best!!!


Pat & Ragnar.jpg

Erik Fischer reviewed Colorado K9 Academy LLC — 5 star

Colorado K9 Academy gave me all the tools I needed to make my out of control dog obedient. I tried other dog trainers and nothing seemed to work. Now my dog is a pleasure to be around!!!!


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